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How to Install Native ZIP Support on CentOS VPS


Basically native ZIP support is required for Joomla installation and if for some reason zip is not enabled in the hosting server, installation might not be completed. In order to get zip enabled it needs to be compiled with PHP. In the case of using shared hosting service, we might need to ask at support center in order to fix this issue. However, major hosting providers already have this feature enabled for their shared hosting services.

To ensure zip is enabled, we can simply check current PHP configuration by using “phpinfo()” function. This function can be implemented in any php file of our hosting account and opened with web browser. It should show the following information.

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As we can see it shows that Zip is enabled. Therefore, we can complete Joomla installation without worrying about zip support. In the case we are trying to install Joomla in our own server like VPS or dedicated server, we will need to compile PHP with zip support by our selves. This will require server management knowledge in order to compile PHP with required feature to get it working in our hosting environment.

Also, according to some sources, zip support can be enabled in the server by executing the following command with root rights by using Putty :

yum install php-pecl-zip

See image below.


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On the image above we can see that the php-pcl-zip package is not available on the server. On such condition we must install it on WebHost Manager (WHM). Below are step by step instruction.

First of all, login to your Webhost manager. On main page, type modul on search box, press enter, click Module Installer, and then click manage on PHP Pecl, see image below.


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The next screen appears (image below). Type zip on search box below 'Find a PHP Pecl', and press Go.


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The next screen will appear (image below), and click Install on 'A zip management extension'.


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After finishing installation, the Native Zip Support will automatically enable. You can see it on php info or while installing Joomla. On image below, Native ZIP Support is On.


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